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Own your own eco-friendly junk hauling and recycling business. This is your chance to dive in to a growing industry and own a business that generates multiple income streams, does good things for the environment and our local communities and sets you on the path to achieving your financial goals. Gone For Good® has open franchise opportunities throughout Colorado.

If you’re ready to own your own business and take control of your future, we’d love to talk to you. 


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Truly Green Business

Finding new homes or new purposes for used and unwanted items is what inspired owner-operator Reid Husmer, to create Gone For Good®. The double entendre behind the name means that items are gone for good (permanently) from homeowner’s or business owner’s perspective and they are gone for good in terms of going to good causes. Since its founding in 2008, the need and the demand to responsibly dispose of everyday items has increased exponentially.

Reid designed the business model to maximize success in each community. By forming valuable relationships with local organizations in order to discover their needs – such as clothing for women, children and the homeless, Gone For Good® then fulfills those needs by donating items they have collected to specific local and international charities and organizations.

Reid imagines and works toward a day when contributions to needy people and organizations are no longer hindered by cost. Helping people and helping the environment are driving forces at Gone For Good® and have become the reason behind Reid’s decision to begin franchising. If you share Reid’s passion for green initiatives and for giving to others, Gone For Good® has a very exciting opportunity for you!

Charities we work with:

Denver Housing Authority • Project Cure • Free the Girls Operation Gratitude • RAFT • Soles 4 Souls • A Precious Child • Metro Caring Open Door Ministries • Hope House • Denver Rescue Mission


Consciousness and Convenience Collide at Gone for Good

We strive to give our customers a hassle free experience for all of their hauling, junk, and waste removal needs.

junk removal serviceWhen it comes to leading the world in green living, America has a lot of obstacles to overcome. For the average citizen, some of the most common green challenges include:

In Europe, citizens pay additional taxes and upfront fees at the time of purchase to help pay for the costs associated with an item’s responsible disposal. Europeans also return packaging and containers to sellers and they ensure the proper break-down of disposable items. Even on the front end, bags that would make the carrying of purchases much easier are a no-no. In fact, most stores in Europe charge a fine of some sort to customers who purchase bags in addition to their merchandise.

Until America graduates to this kind of thinking where we think about the complete life cycle of everything we buy and consume, there’s Gone For Good. Ruth Cuevas recently put it best in her Elephant Journal article entitled “No Wonder Recycling in the United States is so far behind Europe.” In this article from April 20, 2018, she stated,

“The key is pragmatic, conscious living rather than a focus on sheer convenience.”

Gone For Good leads the way in the proper disposal of just about any item in any home or business. We come with our trucks, haulers, and knowledge to take from homeowners and business owners what they no longer want and ensure it is disposed of properly. Sometimes that means recycling. Sometimes that means donating to worthy causes or repurposing. And sometimes, it even means reselling through a storefront retail location.

Consciousness and convenience collide!


Franchise Benefits

  • Multiple streams of income (customers who pay to have items picked up, customers who purchase merchandise in the showroom, and monies collected from scrap metal recycling)
  • Proprietary business growth system
  • Warehouse and retail showroom design
  • GFG Business Management Software System
  • Low start-up and operating overhead
  • Truly green business model
  • Philanthropic and community-focused
  • Recession proof
  • Minimal competition
  • Few employees required

A Gone For Good Franchise Cost:

Investment Info

Type of ExpenditureAmountMethod of PaymentWhen DueTo Whom Payment is to be Made
Initial Franchise Fee: $40,000 Lump sum At signing of Franchise Agreement Us
Building and Tenant Improvements: $500 - $3,000 As incurred Before opening Other suppliers
Uniforms, Equipment, Furnishings and Electronics $4,595 - $7,000 As incurred Before opening Other suppliers
Signs $2,300 - $6,000 As incurred Before opening Other suppliers
Point-of-Sale System, Software and Office Equipment $2,000 - $5,000 As incurred Before opening Other suppliers
Tech Setup Fee $1000 Lump sum 60 days after signing Franchise Agreement Us
Security Deposits, Utility Deposits, Business Licenses, Insurance $14,510 - $18,000 As incurred Before opening Other suppliers
Initial Training: Travel and Living Expenses $500 - $2,000 As incurred Before opening Other suppliers
Additional Funds- 3 months $15,000 - $20,000 As incurred As incurred Other suppliers

Market Segment in Colorado

103,718 sq mi
(268,875 km2)

Territory available


Total Population

≈8 million tons

Amount of Trash Produced Each Year in Colorado



Total Households

$ 65,458

Median Household Income

Franchise Owner Reviews

Gone for Good Golden: Andy D'Esposito
Hear from our franchise owner, Andy D'Esposito of Gone for Good Seattle. D'Esposito was in the recycling industry for nine years before deciding to take the leap to business owner with his wife Heather last year.
David was the first franchisee of Gone For Good. "With a successful track record of 9 years in the industry, we have been able to come up with new ideas and approaches to enhance our services and customer experience," comments David.

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