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Waste Removal & Recycling Franchise Opportunities in Dallas, TX

Recycling has become more expensive for residential and commercial users as of summer 2019, with MRF tip fees equal or greater than disposal fees in some cases, according to Colorado’s Department of Public Health & Environment. The agency reports drop-off programs are struggling (some have closed) and some MRFs are having trouble getting fiber or mixed plastics to market. In response, CDPHE has revised grants programs, conducted MRF outreach and worked to remind facilities of material turnover requirements.

The agency also conducted a survey, designed by The Recycling Partnership, of all state MRFs to identify top contaminants. Based on results, it has shared educational material focused on bags and food contamination.



The next time you whip up a pitcher of margaritas, think about Dallas, Texas. That’s where the frozen margarita machine was invented by Mariano Martinez. Known as an entrepreneur, restaurant king, and ultimately an inventor, he brought the machine to life in 1971.


Dallas is also the birthplace of what was known at the time as an integrated circuit computer chip. You would know it today as a microchip. This innovation came along in 1958.


They do things big in Dallas. That includes statues. In fact, the State Fair of Texas is home to the state’s tallest cowboy statue. Known as Big Tex, the statue is an impressive 52 feet tall.


Even people who don’t get into professional football have likely heard of Cowboys Stadium in Dallas. The impressive structure is considered the fourth-largest stadium in the NFL. In fact, the dimensions are such that it would be possible to fit the entire Statue of Liberty into the stadium.


If you’re deeply invested in decorating for the holidays, visiting the Galleria Dallas beginning in November of each year is a must. Beginning then and continuing throughout the winter holiday season, you’ll get to enjoy the splendor of the nation’s tallest indoor Christmas tree.


Are model trains one of your passions? Dallas offers something that you want to experience. In the lobby of the Dallas Children’s Medical Center, you will find a permanent exhibit of the model trains. Best of all, this exhibit is considered to be the largest one in the country.


Art is important to Dallas residents. That’s reflected in the Dallas Arts District, which is considered the single largest such district in any urban area of the United States. Located in the downtown area, the District is home to both performing and visual arts. In recent years, the District has also welcomed examples of the developing arts into the community.


Designed as a means to enhance flood control as well as preserve wildlife, the Trinity River Corridor Project is one of the largest efforts found anywhere. Started with a first bond issue in 1998 and continued with a second issue in 2006, the planning utilizes what has become known as a Balanced Vision Plan. While work continues on the Trinity River Corridor, Dallas residents and visitors are free to enjoy many of the completed sections.


Shopping centers are found everywhere, but the concept isn’t even a century old yet. Dallas happens to be home to the first planned shopping center in the United States. Developed in 1931, the Highland Park Village Shopping Center was placed on the National Historic Landmark Register in 2000.


Did you know that one of the best-known names in the convenience store industry began in Dallas? The next time you shop in a 7-Eleven, keep that in mind. The company maintained headquarters in Dallas for a number of years, and still maintains a national headquarters in the city. The current corporate headquarters is in Tokyo, Japan.


Football has long been important to Dallas. It should come as no surprise that Lamar Hunt, son of the oil magnate H.L. Hunt, was instrumental in the formation of the American Football League. The AFL, which operated from 1960 to 1970, was eventually absorbed into the National Football League.


More than a few celebrated people have come from Dallas. Famous figures like Norah Jones, Lee Trevino, and Angie Harmon are among those who were born there. Luke and Owen Wilson are also natives, along with Jessica Simpson. Nastia Luikin also once called Dallas home, as did Erykah Badu.


If you’re interested in history and historical documents, the Dallas Public Library won’t disappoint. There are permanent displays that may take you by surprise. Did you know that there’s a permanent exhibit of one of the original copies of the Declaration of Independence at the Library? You’ll also find the First Folio of William Shakespeare's “Comedies, Histories & Tragedies.”


Market Segment in Dallas, TX

383.44 sq mi (993.10 km²)

Territory available


Total Population

≈ 1,683,998 tons

Amount of Trash Produced Each Year in Dallas, TX

Dallas, TX


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David was the first franchisee of Gone For Good®. "With a successful track record of 9 years in the industry, we have been able to come up with new ideas and approaches to enhance our services and customer experience," comments David.