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How to Stay Eco-friendly in a Pandemic

For many people, these changes can be overwhelming and worrisome but the best thing to do is to focus on the facts so let’s go over what we do know.


Donate to a Family in Need


Staying home is the number one way to limit exposure to the virus but staying home this much isn’t necessarily energy-efficient. In addition, it isn’t always time well-spent either. Cut back energy costs and use your time organizing with these simple tips:

  1. Set a Schedule for Sorting- Little by little you can whittle down your belongings to pass the time by.
  2. Donate to a Family in Need- Once you’ve accumulated a good amount of items, donate to your local charity to ensure those items go to someone in need.
  3. Let in the Natural Light- The days are getting longer this time of year so try to open the blinds up to let in as much natural light as you can. This will save on lighting and heating/cooling costs since staying in more can get pricey.


In this time of economic hardship, the kindest thing you can do donate your items to Gone for Good. We can assure you that your items will be sterilized and repurposed to meet the needs of a local family seeking assistance.


Repurposing to Mask Up


Wearing a mask is the second most effective way to prevent spread. While we do know that COVID-19 can live on surfaces this is not the main way it is transmitted from person to person. Tiny droplets of mucus and saliva are more commonly known for carrying the virus to other hosts and the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention require social distancing of at least six feet with masks on in all public spaces.


Try to go through your linens and separate any old fabric that can be repurposed for masks. These can be towels, sheets, pillowcases, blankets, or clothing that is no longer in use. The Department of Health recommends using a 100% cotton fabric cut into 12x6 inch rectangles. Stitch together for thickness and attach the standard ⅛ inch, braided elastic ear bands, on each side of the square cloth.


Home & Body


Handwashing and disinfecting frequently is another option but excessive soap and water can be harsh. Here are some eco-friendly cleaners for your home and body that will reduce dryness and strong odors. 


For Home: 



For Hands:



Now that we’ve covered the basics you are ready to face the world again. Despite changes brought on by COVID-19 we can stay safe and protect our neighbors by following these eco-friendly tips by Gone for Good. To learn more about safely donating your unused items contact us today at (720) 594-2292.


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