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Waste Removal and Recycling Franchise Opportunities in Ault, Colorado

Recycling has become more expensive for residential and commercial users as of summer 2019, with MRF tip fees equal or greater than disposal fees in some cases, according to Colorado’s Department of Public Health & Environment. The agency reports drop-off programs are struggling (some have closed) and some MRFs are having trouble getting fiber or mixed plastics to market. In response, CDPHE has revised grants programs, conducted MRF outreach and worked to remind facilities of material turnover requirements.

The agency also conducted a survey, designed by The Recycling Partnership, of all state MRFs to identify top contaminants. Based on results, it has shared educational material focused on bags and food contamination.



What is the meaning of “Ault”? In reality, it’s an acronym that means “A Unique Little Town.” The name is certainly apt for this small city. It’s currently home to fewer than 2,000 residents and is known for offering a friendly setting with a country flair. While it may be tempting to think that the acronym is how the town got the name, that only came later. Ault was the site of several settlements with different names.


The town is host to a couple of annual festivals. The names may be a little misleading, since the Fall Festival actually occurs in August of each year. It’s joined by the International Food Fest that takes place each October. The August celebration includes a variety of food options, various types of contests, and all sorts of booths set up by local businesses and others.


Motion picture productions are not unknown to the small town of Ault. In fact, the town was the site of a 1977 production. Starring a then popular actor named Robby Benson playing opposite Annette O’Toole, “One on One” was also among the first movies to cast a young Melanie Griffith. Griffith would later become a leading actress in her own right.


Speaking of high schools, Highland High School is the only one in Ault and in the surrounding area. That’s not the original name, though. The current name came about when what was then Ault High School was combined with the schools found in the nearby towns of Carr, Nunn, and Pierce.


While visitors are welcome any time of year, the two festivals that the town of Ault hosts tend to be the main draws when it comes to people coming in from other parts of the state. Between the Fall Festival and the International Food Fest, it’s estimated that the population of the town doubles for each of those events.


While held during the first weekend in in August, the Fall Festival is sure to delight anyone who chooses to attend. The goal is to celebrate the upcoming autumn season as well as the fall activities that take place in the town and the surrounding area.


The International Food Fest is held during the latter part of September and provides another reason to gather and celebrate. This time, the focus is on food. With many of the town’s citizens drawing on their family heritages, there’s plenty of dishes representing a variety of countries.


Market Segment in Ault, CO

1.73 sq mi (4.47 km²)

Territory available


Total Population

≈ 2,250 tons

Amount of Trash Produced Each Year in Ault, CO

Ault, CO


Total Households


Median Household Income

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David was the first franchisee of Gone For Good®. "With a successful track record of 9 years in the industry, we have been able to come up with new ideas and approaches to enhance our services and customer experience," comments David.