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Truck & Drop-off Pricing

16 Foot Truck Pricing

1-3 Big Item Pickup $150*
1/4 Truckload (9.48 cubic yards) $300*
1/2 Truckload (18.96 cubic yards) $450*
3/4 Truckload (28.44 cubic yards) $550*
Full truckload (37.93) $650*

*Other fees may apply – locations outside the Denver Metro Area, electronic recycling, apartment or condo, garage rafters, crawl space, disassembling, extra stairs, packing, sorting, moving.

Your Haul away team will provide you a firm price before service is started.

junk drop off warehouseNEW Junk Drop-off Warehouse!

901 Navajo Street, Denver CO 80204
For drop-offs contact us at (720) 594-2292
See below for drop off directions from the I-25

Free drop-off for cardboard, cans, paper, and bottles!

Drop-off Pricing

One item drop off (ex: a couch) $50**
Quarter drop off (pickup load) $75**
Half drop off (half load of a 14′ moving box truck 14.5 cubic yards) $150**
Full truck drop off (full load of a 14′ moving box truck 29 cubic yards) $225**

**Other fees will apply for electronics. Household materials only. We do not accept food waste, yard debris, dirt, rock, or cement.

(720) 594-2292