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Sustainable Business Efforts

Sustainable Business Efforts

In 2020 there are several practices and solutions to reaching sustainability. To the surprise of many, there are actually more ways to be sustainable than recycling and it is critical that small and large businesses understand the role they play.

Typically, businesses have more power and resources to make an impact than residential neighborhoods do so keeping it green in the office is very important.


Assess Your Impact

Spend some time twice a year reviewing energy costs and office supplies. What are you paying most for? What can be repurposed or recycled? Make sure you are only using what you need. By becoming familiar with the size of your carbon footprint you can begin to decrease it and control incoming/outgoing materials more effectively.


Inspire Your Team

Set a weekly meeting time for the whole team to regroup and discuss ecofriendly goals for the upcoming week. A focus group can help your business in many ways but if you are wanting to take your green efforts to the next level, this is a great way to get everyone on the same page. Spend time expressing the importance of recycling in the office and how rewarding it feels when the whole team participates.  


Buy Green

Thankfully, most stores today are fully equipped with eco conscious options. From cleaning supplies to paper products, it is easy to ensure office supplies meet green standards. Companies like Dharma Door and Organic Garden make biodegradable pencil pouches and notepads from completely recycled paper, metal and cardboard. Do your duty to mainstream these items over the contrary. 


Turn It Off

Leave friendly reminders around the office to turn lights and water off after every use. In a busy office environment, many people can easily forget the impact these simple efforts can make and it doesn’t hurt to turn them into habits you will take into your everyday life. Make sure to read the numbers when your bill comes back too! This is an easy effort to make fun with a competitive advantage for employees. Offer an incentive for every dollar your team can knock off the energy bill.


Repurpose Everything

Each time someone goes to throw something away, ask yourself, can this be reused? Millions of pens and pencils with plenty of use are thrown out each year and this can give offices a bad name. Another thing offices are unfortunately known for is food waste. Lots of food waste at your place? Start a compost bin in the kitchen for used paper napkins and leftovers. You can arrange a pick-up service with city/county facilities for a low price by searching your region online.



With all the ways out there to reduce your carbon footprint it is important to start where it counts the most. Change your work environment and change your whole life. From recycling to repurposing you can make a difference! Use the power of your business to influence and inspire people in the right direction, other businesses will see your efforts and respect you for it.  

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