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Spring Cleaning Guide

Starting any new project to improve your home is exciting but it can be intimidating. Wondering where to get started? With industry partner, Remax Experts in Collierville, TN, we share tips below to help you get through the madness. 


Getting Started


Deep cleaning like spring cleaning can take a couple weeks in some households. Consider dividing the work into manageable portions that can be completed over time instead of trying to complete the whole house in one day. When I was growing up my mom would start at the back of the house and work her way up to the front. 


It is also key to keep it positive during this process. Remember this is a great thing that you, your family and your home deserve. Spring cleaning preserves the value and sanity of your home. One big annual deep cleaning goes a long way and it helps cut back on future sessions throughout the year. Ask your family or friends to help and make it fun!


Making Room for the New


A thorough cleaning is much easier with less stuff in the way! Start by sorting through everything from the closets to the drawers. Trust us, there is a major benefit to evaluating what you really want and need at least once a year. In homes of 40 years or more, the stuff can easily get out of hand and then you will certainly be very overwhelmed with the task before you.


Gone for Good is your partner in the ridding of old things. You can call us as you empty each room or when you finish the whole project. We offer a standard tier rate for quarter, half, three quarter and full-sized trucks at the corresponding prices:


At Gone for Good we will find the perfect home for your stuff! We also offer packing options so call today to get a quote for your clean-out.


Ecofriendly Cleaning Supplies


It’s also important to be particular about the cleaning supplies you use. Many brands claim to be all natural or organic but they are secretly still toxic in the fine print for pets and little ones. To protect your family and our planet try some of our cleaning supplies from the list below:



Freshen Up the Air


Winters can make indoors dry and musty but it is so important to cycle fresh air through when you get the chance. Most homes contain ventilation systems that can keep odors in if you don’t open the windows a few times a year. After you are all done cleaning and organizing, open up the windows and let the fresh air in!


People who live in areas with pollution or smog may need to do this early in the morning rather than later in the evening. Windows and doors are commonly equipped with screens these days so ventilation is relatively simple. With screen ventilation, you don’t have to worry about trash or debris blowing in from outside when you let the breeze in. Two ways to quicken the cycle of air are opening multiple windows and placing a fan in front of a window.


Spring cleaning is the ideal way to take back control of your home. To learn more about spring cleaning see A Comprehensive Checklist for Spring Cleaning: 43 Items to Address by John Quinn at Remax Experts. This guide takes you room by room with insider advice and detailed options. If you need to move or pack anything this spring clean-out call your local Gone for Good. 

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