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Simple Ways to Tidy Your Home

Things you accumulate over the years can make your home, business, or work space uncomfortable to spend time in. Thankfully, it’s relatively easy to get rid of clutter as long as you commit to the job.


Clutter Can Trigger Stress


It’s normal to have some clutter, such as toys that end up on the couch or a pile of bills or coupons that haven’t been thrown out. Generally, the kind of clutter that makes life more stressful includes accumulated items you’ve bought over the years. These things pile up in the attic, closets, or basements.


A messy home can be a source of stress. Very Well Mind surveyed its readers and found that up to one-third of them avoid going home so they won’t have to look at clutter. Unnecessary piles of items may cause you to lose time because you’ll always be looking for receipts, bills, keys, and small trinkets that haven’t been organized. A disorganized home can also make it hard for you to keep important appointments, such as meetings or doctor visits.


Easy Habits to Keep a Tidy Home


Marie Kondo’s methods and books became popular because Kondo became an expert in tidiness and home organization. There are several simple ways you too can tidy up your home and have more time to relax as a result.


If you have young children, teach them to do simple things, such as putting their shoes, hats, and coats away when they get home. Make sure everyone has simple tasks to do, such as washing their own dishes, cleaning their rooms, and making their bed.


Decide where to put everything away. Designate a place for cereal, snacks, and food items in your kitchen. Scissors, tools, and office supplies should always be in a designated area, and these things should be put back when everyone is done using them. Create systems for other common rooms, such as bathrooms and your living room.


Try to do a 10- or 15-minute cleanup every night with your family. Children and partners may be more motivated to help if everyone is working together.


When to Hire a Professional


Professional organizers are trained to help people with all kinds of needs, and many find that the perspective of an objective and trained individual is helpful. Before hiring an organizer, ask them any questions about their credentials or expertise.


Consider reaching out to professional organizing associations that can connect you with certified and trained consultants. Finally, make sure you create a budget for your project. Most professionals charge a per-hour rate, starting at $55 to $100 per hour. Projects can take anywhere from 2 hours to 10 hours, and you may pay a flat fee for larger projects.


Some professional organizers may also have experience in productivity consulting. They can help you find systems for paying your bills, setting and keeping appointments, and managing your time.


Decluttering will require you to get rid of unused items by tossing, reducing, or recycling your old stuff. Professional organizers can make sure that things are put to good use instead of ending up in landfills. Your consultant may also be able to help you transition into a minimalist lifestyle to reduce environmental impact and prevent future clutter from accumulating.


Be patient as you implement new systems. Whether you choose the DIY approach or work with a professional, it’s always possible to make adjustments to your routine and cultivate habits that will help you stay organized.


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