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Responsibly Removing Renovation Waste

Responsibly Removing Renovation Waste

With spring comes curb appeal and with curb appeal comes trash.

Ever get your yard just right and realize the broken shutters and chipped walkway just don’t match the beautiful, blooming tulips? We get it, with spring comes gardens and with gardens comes curb appeal and with curb appeal comes awkward waste that no one really knows what to do with. 


Just because the deck stain didn’t match the banisters doesn’t mean tons of paint cans on the sidewalk is okay, more importantly, it’s not sustainable. In some states you can even face large fines and penalties for tossing paint cans. But where then, does renovation waste go? it’s a common question this time of year but the answer is simpler than you might think.


Many municipalities allow you to solidify your latex and acrylic paints and dispose of them with the household paint. One way to do this is by mixing it with clay-based cat litter in well-ventilated place. For oil-based and alkyd paints, check the Department of Environmental Conservation’s website to locate a collection site in your state. Most collection sites also receive pesticides, herbicides and solvents from gardening waste.


Gone for Good will save you the hassle by picking up your renovation waste and recycling or repurposing it responsibly so you don’t have to call around. Or, get creative and donate to your community. Maybe a downgrade for you is an upgrade to someone else so ask around your neighborhood to see if there are any families that could make use of your old flower pots or leftover hardwood. 

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