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Recycling Paint is Dye-abolical!

Maybe you have found yourself wondering if there was something good you could do with that paint. Do not fear, Gone for Good is here to tell you, there is. 


A lot of people don’t even think about recycling their old paint but it’s actually easy. Gone for Good will take those old cans that are wasting away in the garage and put them to good use. 


Photo by Pat Freling of Paint Strategies:

The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that every homeowner in the US has accumulated 3 to 4 gallons of leftover paint and 10 percent of those paints end up in landfills. You cannot put paint cans in a dumpster unless it is completely dry. Old paint is considered a hazardous household waste product. Lucky for you, Denver has a collection source for them like Gone for Good. 


Paint stewardship laws apply to individual states across the country. These laws operate as a plan for paint manufacturers to manage and maintain the reuse of and disposal of unused paints. The plan assigns responsibilities to paint factories to ensure the laws are met. The stewardship program in Colorado is operated by PaintCare who works with Gone for Good to fulfill these guidelines. Your old paint will be either recycled or disposed of legally.


The law is not the only thing that motivates us, however. (Lack of) recycled paint could create economic opportunities for some small business and home owners. Gone for Good can help your old paint go to an up and coming operation a family has been planning for months. As you may know, a big business in Colorado is tie dye! Recent research has verified that latex and acrylic paints can be diluted and used as clothing dye. So, your old paint could even be a fun afterschool project too!


Tie-dyed clothing is created by bundling the fabric with 

rubber bands and then squirting the dye on to different 

areas with various colors


From home renovating and painting companies to apparel designers and shop owners, Gone for Good can use your old paint to contribute to a local small business. There are even artists that are decorating and using the cans for resale so we can too.

How to do It?


Contact Gone for Good if you have any paint cans! Clean out your garage and maybe even you can help an entrepreneur reach their dreams while reducing the environmental costs of toxic waste. It’s easy to do your part in your community when you let Gone for Good recycle your unwanted paints. We will accept your paint donations at a Gone for Good location Monday through Friday from 9am-5pm. 


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