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Maximize Your Storage Space

Maximize Your Storage Space

Getting unorganized can happen quickly in today’s world and needless to say when years’ worth of stuff piles up it can become extremely overwhelming.

Many of us simply don’t know where to begin so, we don’t. Don’t let your unorganized home become another one of those things you procrastinate out the window. 


Set a Monthly Date to Purge What is Unwanted


One thing that has really helped me improve this bad habit has been setting a monthly purge date. Once a month, usually round the 20th, I take one day to go through everything. My goal is to rid my home of at least ten things each time. This has narrowed down the scope of the project from doing everything at once to doing a little bit each month.


Maximize Space in Drawers and Cabinets


In my home, I always start with drawers and cabinets. There are a lot of really great dividers and plate stackers out there that maximize these spaces. For drawers it’s a no-brainer to incorporate the silverware organizers if you haven’t already. For wooden spoons and spatulas, you can use a big jar on the counter top by the stove to clear a drawer out for something else!


Like most people, I junk drawered too! Today, however, I use various sized containers for different items in mixed up drawers. With the Dial poly drawer organizer at Staples you can actually add an extra level to your junk drawer which personally helped me consolidate three drawers into one, a serious life saver!


Another way to decrease the amount of junk drawers you have is to screw hooks into the top of your cabinets to hang mugs and larger utensils. Home Depot sells a variety of these hooks by Everbilt so you can really find the ones that best match your style.


Layer Your Closets


Next, I enter the forbidden closets of doom! Okay, they’re not that bad, but you know the ones that are packed so tightly you’re scared opening it will launch an old Walkman toward your head? Well enter with caution, but do not enter with fear. Since most things kept in closets are linens my advice is to stack it up.


Extra layers for storage are perfect in closet spaces! If you have a bar for hangers above, try adding hanging units. These are super easy to install and usually just Velcro right onto the bar. Bed, Bath & Beyond sells 10-shelf organizers for as little as $10.00 a piece.


Another option is adding build-in shelves in the open spaces. Because of the weight you may put on your build-ins, make sure you attach additional shelving to wall studs. Carousels also add great storage for tucked away cleaning supplies. At my house I had a closet full of them but after narrowing down my supply, two carousels on one shelf was all I needed.


So, don’t sweat it, you can do this and you have all the time in the world to do it. Set a date to sort through stuff at your own pace. With all the tools we are provided today it’s a piece of cake. Over time, you will begin to see fantastic results and you will be so proud to show your friends all your hard organizing work.

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