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Gone for Good launches a new franchise in Aurora, CO

Gone For Good Aurora

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Gone For Good Aurora, an outlet of Gone For Good, Inc., announced the release of their brand new website,, earlier this month on July 1, 2019. Gone For Good Aurora is a Colorado owned and operated small business dedicated to keeping your unwanted stuff out of landfills by finding usable items a new home. 

The franchisee, who serves Aurora, CO and the surrounding area, launched their new website in order to increase their online presence, streamline lead generation and enhance their customers’ experience. 

David Camit, the owner of the Aurora franchise, is proud of being the first franchise owner of this Denver-based company. Gone For Good, Inc. was named 1out of 3 finalists for the Denver Chamber of Commerce’s 2018 “Green Business of the Year” award.

Gone For Good Aurora is dedicated to reducing our carbon footprint by reselling, recycling and donating usable items instead of sending them to our landfills.  David opened a Gone For Good franchise to provide residents of the Aurora community a place to find good, reusable items at discounted prices while helping the environment at the same time. 

“Our services help individuals and families get rid of stuff at a reasonable rate while giving them the peace of mind of knowing that their items will be resold, recycled or donated as much as possible.”

- says David.


SeoSamba shares the same performance-driven approach as David and the whole remarkable Gone For Good franchise. “On top of an integrated marketing automation toolset,  SeoSamba also provides franchisees with the most robust, advanced platform for data-driven marketing," comments Michel Leconte, SeoSamba's CEO, and then adds, "David will now be able to reach his ideal audience through a vast number of channels, while accessing digital key performance indicators at the same time, including through paid ad campaigns, email marketing, social media, organic web traffic acquisition, phone calls and online forms within their own territory, while the corporate office is able to do all of this across their entire franchise network in real-time.”

Utilizing the automated search engine optimization solution built into SeoSamba’s franchise marketing automation platform, their new website,, has reached new heights for search traffic with queries related to recycling, junk hauling and removal in a short time span for Google search results.


About Gone For Good:

Gone For Good Aurora is a full-service, eco-friendly junk hauler that provides reliable and efficient service for people wishing to get rid of clutter and reduce their carbon footprint while helping the environment at the same time. 

Gone For Good Aurora is a leader when it comes to the proper disposal of excessive items at your home or business. “We come with our trucks, haulers, and expertise to help home and business owners remove items they no longer want and ensure it is disposed of properly. Sometimes that means recycling, while other times, it means donating to a worthy cause, repurposing the items or even reselling them through a storefront retail location.”

About SeoSamba:

SeoSamba serves thousands of small businesses around the world with service centers in the United States and Europe. Its software is private labeled by large media companies and available in 14 languages.

SeoSamba hybrid open source marketing framework is built around the SambaSaaS marketing hub and SeoToaster Ultimate CRM +sales automation cloud edition to build and market landing pages, corporate, directories and e-commerce websites.

SeoSamba offers turnkey franchise development and franchise brand marketing packaged solutions with performance guarantees.

For more information about SeoSamba, visit or contact, and in the US: + 1 (877) 450-9894 or in Europe at + (33) 675-6376.

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