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Reid Husmer

Founder and CEO

One Saturday morning, as Reid sat down for breakfast, he realized that a challenging weekend awaited him. The daunting task of Spring cleaning beckoned. After finishing a pleasant breakfast, Reid summoned the courage to venture into the basement, where he encountered the chaotic mess that seemed to be slowly overtaking his home. His initial thought was that perhaps he could simply order a rolloff dumpster and dispose of everything in one fell swoop. However, upon further reflection, Reid couldn't bear the idea of tossing his son's beloved car bed into a dumpster. He decided that it was time to handle this situation in a more responsible manner and prevent items from ending up in a landfill.

Turning to his computer, Reid began searching for a service that could help him dispose of his belongings while ensuring he didn't contribute to landfill waste. To Reid's surprise, he couldn't find a single comprehensive solution. It became clear that he would need to transport his TV to one location, arrange for the donation items to be removed from the basement and placed on the curb, and deliver recyclable items to two different locations. This fragmented process seemed incredibly inconvenient and time-consuming. In that moment, a brilliant idea struck him: there was a genuine need for a service that simplifies this entire process. Recognizing that most people lacked the time and energy to navigate the intricate steps required to divert junk from landfills, Reid Husmer decided to take action.

That is how Gone for Good was born, a service that embodied Reid's personal mission of Reduce, Resell, and Recycle. He envisioned Gone for Good as a solution that would not only benefit those utilizing the service but also the community and the environment. It aimed to make life easier for people, contribute positively to the local community, and play a part in protecting the planet.

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