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CLEANING OUT GRANDMA: How Americans Can Consume Less and Care More

cleaning out grandmaIf you’re like most Americans, you have piles of stuff you don’t need. Yet we keep buying new stuff, simply because our bulging houses can hold what we want... and when we have filled up our basements, garages we fill up storage units. But what happens when it’s time to move? Or time to move our grandparents or parents to simpler accommodations? Cleaning out Grandma takes you on the adventure of attacking the great American character flaw: our amassment of stuff. In a society embracing economic success, why do we have so much junk we don’t use or need?We’ll give you simple tips on handling the overflow of clutter and what to do when you must downsize for the sake of safely helping our aging loved ones. How to repurpose grandma’s stuff. What to keep and what to let go of. Giving new life to your stuff to those who desperately need it. Helping those in your community touched by fire, floods, and sudden homelessness. How your old things can help veterans. The psychology behind learning to let go. The best ways to avoid dumping stuff in a landfill. Cleaning Out Grandma will do more than tell you what to do—it will give you a whole new outlook on the beauty of living an uncluttered life.

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